Editorial Principles and Guidelines

Our journalism and editorial principle stem from innovation and adherence with respect to the balance between supply and demand, which will capture current trends from the perspective of our readers.

Our website shall be true and critical to all gathered information, through regulations, legislation, and respect while at the same time dare to be opinion-based (and clearly marked so) when it comes to delivering our editorial services.

Our editorial principles shall be true and trustworthy. Using false information for personal benefit is not within the scope of our operation, and none shall be existing, nor have ever existed, throughout this website.

This website conducts its work and gathering of information in adherence to the Journalist Code of Ethics and the Canadian Association of Journalists and is in line with every moral and ethical compass you’d find therein. Is there something on the website that you would like to address, please contact us through https://foxbonus.com/contact-us/.

How We Deal with Sources and Third-Party Information

Our guidelines are set to only collect information at its first-hand source.

As an example, this could be straight from the website of an operator, from the operator themselves, or through any regulatory entity operating in the space. We will also cite any well-established source. In case we do, there will be clear and visible links where our visitors can backtrace any information cited throughout the website.

Source Protection

In our editorial principles, source protection takes a vital part. We use this in a way to continuously gather information from anonymous sources while still keeping our information right and true to our readers.

You will always be safe leaving us tips, advice, complaints, or any type of conflict resolution.

In any case, you’re anonymous to our readers, we will be conducting a throughout search on the viability of your claims.

How We Deal With Sources In Conjunction with Our Editorial Principles

Foxbonus and our editorial team have well-established methods in order to analyze sources and information from any third-party source.

Every image, picture, and person presented or displayed throughout the website is vetted both through consent and intellectual property laws, which include copyright and trademarks.

We also have a clear moral and ethical standpoint when it comes to publishing images of certain characters, and that we deem shouldn’t be displayed at a site such as this.

How We Correct Information Shown to be Inaccurate

Foxbonus and the editorial team are always aiming at presenting information that is as correct and factful as possible. If anything posted is shown to be incorrect, we put it as our top priority to correct it.

Smaller grammatical errors or typos are corrected inside of the article without any notice, while errors with a stronger impact on the overall information are clearly marked as such while also being removed.

We rarely remove anything from the website, but if something is deemed in such a way that it compromises our editorial principles and that it creates more harm than good to keep it, it will be removed without hesitation. No one but the head of the editorial team can influence such decisions.

Please, contact us if you’d like to report any potential errors or information that is inaccurate at https://foxbonus.com/contact-us/

How We Deal with Interviews

We never conduct interviews with people under 18 years of age.

We always let the interviewee get the option to preview any quotes before publishing, but cannot guarantee that this influences whether we still use the information or not.

We quote word for word but are taking the liberty of changing grammatical errors or other things that could make the quote easier to read and understand.

Our editorial principles and guidelines are clearly reflected in the way we conduct our interviews, and we will never try to shape an answer or an opinion.

How We Protect Our Visitors Through Our Editorial Principles and Guidelines

Our Editor in Chief, Hector Brown, has shaped the editorial principles and guidelines throughout the site, which reflects the value proposition we would like our visitors to experience.

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Foxbonus.com and its subdomains and subdirectories are free to be shared throughout the web and are encouraged to do so.

Our editorial team is professional journalists and having our information is the goal of the whole operation. We, however, cannot take responsibility for where the information ends up and we take a clear stand against any political views.