The online casino market continues to expand and grow rapidly due to the popularity of various casino games and the rising number of mobile casinos. Namely, the online casino market is expected to reach a worth of $100 billion in 2026, while in 2020, it hit a revenue of $66.7 billion.

That said, numerous appealing aspects make online casinos popular, from the vast selection of casino games to the wide range of bonuses and loyalty programs. Actually, the bonuses and loyalty rewards are the major factors that made casino sites top gaming destinations. If you’re new to online casinos, or you’re not familiar with how loyalty programs work, we’ve got your back. Below we will take a look at loyalty programs on online casinos. 

Loyalty Programs vs VIP Clubs

As you can tell from reliable platforms like, today, most new online casinos have loyalty programs that are designed to reward registered loyal and active members on the platform. It’s worth mentioning that online casinos operate in a highly competitive environment which is why they do their best to retain their members. 

There are different loyalty programs based on the target audience of the casinos, but generally, users can find VIP exclusive loyalty programs and tiered loyalty programs. Tiered loyalty programs are point-based, meaning you collect loyalty points as you play casino games on the platform. The accumulated loyalty points determine your level or status in the program—naturally, the higher level, the better the rewards for the loyal members. 

Here it’s worth noting that you might earn more points for playing table casino games than slots, for example. But this depends on the policy of the online casino. Furthermore, some casinos offer an option to exchange loyalty points for bonus cash. 

Otherwise, different casinos might have different approaches regarding their loyalty rewards. Some might want to gamify the experience and ask their users to fulfill certain activities or missions in order to collect loyalty points. 

VIP Clubs

On the other hand, VIP clubs emphasize the exclusivity of the loyalty scheme, and a lot of them are invitation-only. This means there aren’t certain requirements that you need to fulfill in order to access the rewards from the VIP club. Also, many casino sites don’t even disclose what kind of benefits they offer for their VIP members.

However, high rollers might expect to be invited to become part of an exclusive VIP club that can feature everything from VIP personal account manager, faster withdrawals, special promotions, giveaways, cashback offers, and other perks.

How to Become a Loyal Member

If you want to access a certain loyalty program, the first step is to become a member officially on the casino site. After the registration is complete, you can read the terms and conditions and see what kind of requirements they have for their registered players.

For example, if they have an exclusive VIP club, maybe you need to chat with the customer support agents in order to find out how to become a VIP member. Or, if they have a tiered loyalty program, maybe there are certain activities you need to complete in order to collect loyalty points. In any case, each casino has its own set of rules which is why it’s beneficial to learn as much as you can about its bonus policy.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, loyalty programs are an important factor when you’re making your decision to register on a certain casino site, especially if you want to play there in the long run. They provide different benefits that will enhance your gaming experience; for this reason, it’s important to take your time and compare loyalty programs and online casinos.