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New Online Casinos Canada 2021

Every day we see new casinos pop up and nowadays, there are a lot of Canadian casinos to choose from. With each new casino come new and improved features, whether it be a refined payment method or a wider array of slot machines and live casino tables. What is characteristic with new casinos, however, is the amount of welcome bonus they are willing to offer you. This is one of the main reasons the search for new casinos is so popular right now, some even offer no deposit bonuses.

This list contains great new casinos for Canadian residents. Just scroll the list and use the “more info” button if you want to see additional information about the casino without having to leave the page.

2021 will without a doubt be the year of great advancement in the online casino market. With more refined payment methods, withdrawal times, and overall user experience, the demand to find great new casinos is higher than ever.

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  • ⚡ 3000+ slots
  • ⚡ Spins on Gonzo’s Quest
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  • ⚡ Launched 2001
  • ⚡ Great payment options
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  • ⚡ Live casino bonuses
  • ⚡ Low wagering requirement
  • ⚡ Fast deposits and withdrawals
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  • ⚡ Support 24/6
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  • ⚡ CA$ can be used as currency!
  • ⚡ Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go etc.
  • ⚡ Canada’s No.1 Online Casino
  • welcome bonus
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  • ⚡ Bonus code: FIRST10
  • ⚡ Bonus on Netent & Novomatic slots
  • ⚡ 2000+ slots
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  • ⚡ 300% bonus on 1st deposit
  • ⚡ Bonus code: WELCOME1
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  • ⚡ Live dealers
  • ⚡ A lot of branded slots
  • ⚡ Quick deposit and withdrawal
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  • 9
  • ⚡ Full sportsbook
  • ⚡ Live casino
  • ⚡ 58,000+ live events monthly
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  • CA$ 1000
  • free spins
  • 10
  • ⚡ *20 free spins on registration
  • ⚡ Free spins on 9 Masks on Fire
  • ⚡ Over 2000 games!
  • welcome bonus
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  • free spins
  • ⚡ Big betting focus
  • ⚡ Multi-currency options
  • ⚡ Live casino
  • welcome bonus
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  • free spins
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  • ⚡ 200 free spins on deposit
  • ⚡ Free spins on Book of Dead
  • ⚡ Full bonus up to $CAD600
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  • ⚡ 500% bonus with cryptocurrency
  • ⚡ Minimum deposit: CA$ 25
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Analyzing – Main Characteristics of New Casinos in 2021

✔️ Payment methods and an overall shorter time-delay in order to start playing

✔️ A much quicker and automated way to withdraw your winnings

✔️ Old casino concepts with new and refined user interface and improvement in user experience

✔️ Online casinos built on a specific theme or with a storyline to enhance the experience

✔️ A more improved Loyalty system where the player retention is prioritized

✔️ An increase in quality bonus offers

online casino canada

🏅 New Casinos in Canada 2021 – We did the Research

New and Improved Design

The main thing you would notice visiting a new casino is the improvement in design, which tends to be more modern. And not just the desktop version, but the mobile version of the platform is greatly improved.

This is to entice people to enjoy their casino on-the-go or in the comfort of their own bed.


The amount the new casinos match your first deposit as a welcome bonus is usually way higher than with an older casino. The reason for this is to get players to leave their current favorite casino and join their new one.

So even just for testing out, grabbing one of these bonuses could provide to be a great boost in your winnings – as a bigger deposit amount and bonus funds equal more time spent at a casino thus increasing the chance of hitting those big wins!

Customer Service

A lot of operators won’t notice this before it’s too late, but attentive and quick-responding help support is crucial in order to keep players happy and giving them a reason to stay at their casino. In this day and age, no one wants to wait for an e-mail response when something as urgent as problems with missing bonus funds or difficulties with withdrawal requests.

In other markets, we’ve been accustomed to quick and helpful chat support, and it’s expected by serious gamblers to have this service readily available.

canada new casino sites

Updates for Online Casinos in Canada 2021

New casinos are innovative and motivated

New casinos must keep up with the technological advancements to stay competitive and attract new players. If you are looking for the latest trends in online casinos such as playing roulette in virtual reality or joining a casino with gamification, you will most certainly find these features in a new casino.

Newly launched casinos usually have a young and highly motivated team which is generally noticeable in the ability to find interesting new game providers and in customer service.

New casinos using Paysafecard

Paysafecard is a payment method that could best be described as a prepaid card that allows you to make online payments. Deposits via prepaid cards are completely anonymous, which is a great advantage for casino players. Some banks have detection systems for customers with “risky” payment history which could include transactions to online casinos.

Paying with Paysafecard is free, fast, and secure. The only disadvantage is the extra time it takes to refill the card before making a deposit at a new online casino.

Advantages and disadvantages with new online casinos

New casinos do not have the same marketing budgets as the more established ones, but they still need to attract and retain customers. To do so, they simply have to give the customers a great throughout the experience in all aspects – including a generous welcome offer.

The other side of lower budgets is that very few new casinos can afford a wide range, or in some cases any, jackpot games. It is simply too costly if a player wins a huge jackpot.

Playing at live casinos 2021

The interest in live casinos has grown substantially in the last years and has become a priority for online casinos. During the last five years, live casino online has grown by almost 40% yearly.

The surge could be explained by the technical advances on mobile platforms as well as how new game providers have set new standards on the market, bringing the experience of playing live casino online closer to visiting a physical casino.

The market for live casinos is dominated by Evolution Gaming which employs over 8000 dealers across the globe. The second-biggest player on the market is NetEnt Live.

Casinos launched in 2021

2021 has been great for new online casinos. We have seen several exciting launches such as Casino Dome from Genesis that runs solely on clean energy.

A general trend for newly launched casinos has been innovation. Another example of that is 7stars Partner’s new casino Rabona that has launched a cutting-edge gamified sportsbook focusing on horse racing that lets you all races via live steam.

🦊 Online Casinos at Foxbonus – Due diligence as a primary focus

We have made it our mission to keep an eye on the X(country) casino market.

The team consists of experienced reviewers and writers that provide an honest and justified picture of how certain casinos operate. The key factor is, of course:

  • The safety of the player and practices of the operator in form of transparency and regulatory matters.

The operators listed on will also undergo due diligence in the specific areas:

  • Handling of players personal information such as address (physical and email), mailing address, and phone number
  • Handling of data collected for website usage and participation
  • Monetary information details such as credit card information and transaction history.

Data will also be collected in regards to the casinos handling of their regulatory commitments – mainly:

  • Transparency to the Return to Player (RTP),
  • Displaying bonus terms
  • Honoring of withdrawal times

Finding online casinos in Canada 2021 is here to help you find online casinos so that you don´t have to do it yourself!

It’s as easy as browsing through our lists of online casinos, decide on one that intrigues you and press the “Register now” button. You don´t have to worry about being scammed or mislead by the casinos listed by us at they have been thoroughly vetted by our experienced staff.

Analyzing Key Factors in an Online Casino to be aware of

Because you’ve already found your way to, any further due diligence from your side is not necessary, as the above criterias for any listed casino at are already measured and vetted by us. But it might still find you interesting to know about other key factors to be aware of in the search for a reputable and safe online casino.

Industry and player reputation

This one is something that could be a bit harder to discover. Of course, it’s never a good idea to look for the answer with the actual casino, but at social forums. If a casino has any red flags reported by the community or any regulatory entity it’s usually not that hard to find. A quick google search or a talk with any other people invested in the industry could go a long way.

How are the players protected by the authority?

As you can see in our key measurements for vetting our casinos, player safety and privacy is on top of our list. These regulations are set out by national regulations or gambling authorities. So, to be aware of how the different licenses a casino operates under could be a very effective way of knowing how well-protected you are, should things go wrong.

Online Casinos with Fair Gaming Protocols

Online casinos are required to showcase their fair gaming protocols, and most notably in conjunction with the casino games and the casino game providers. The regulations a casino game provider has to pass in order to launch a casino game are very strict and require full transparency and adaptation to the rules and limitations set out by such a regulatory entity. Return to Player and volatility would be the two most prominent factors.

Calculating RTP and volatility is doable as a player, but shouldn’t be necessary and in any case, you as a player suspect any of these metrics to be incorrect or falsely advertised, you should contact us through our contact form or to any relevant gaming authority immediately.

Safe Online Casinos Have to Protect Your Personal Information

It is mandatory to display measures taken in order to protect a player’s personal information at any online casino. If a casino is unable or unwilling to display such information, this is a big red flag. This could result in a casino not being willing to, or unable to, keep your personal and financial information safe.

Online Casinos Should Promote Safe Gambling

A big part of issuing gambling licenses is to quality-check the way an online casino manages its safe gambling protocols. We’re going to talk more about this further below, but it basically means that a casino should put a minimum required effort in protecting their players from their own addictions, protecting minors from being able to access their platform, and protecting against unlawful behaviors such as criminal activities and money laundering.

More importantly, however, is the online casino’s policy in preventing these types of activities.

Complaints and Enforcement

Any reputable online casino should always make it readily accessible for any player to leave a complaint, and be able to allow a third-party enforcement entity access to any material that could aid in conflict resolution. While doesn’t have such authority, we could help in representing you in any case you might end up in a conflict with an online casino.

foxbonus research and analyze

5 reasons to use to find Online Casinos

So, why shouldn’t you just click on the advertisement by the casinos showed to you on different platforms or just go to the casino’s website directly? Well, here are some strong arguments that would probably convince you.

  • All our online casinos listed holds our Foxbonus certificate

By making due diligence our main focus in our mission to bring you the safest and best online casinos, we award only the best casinos our seal of approval.

  • We can help you with possible conflict resolutions with the casinos listed

Did you, by any unfortunate circumstance, get into a conflict with any of the operators and are unable to solve it? We can intermediate such a conflict on your behalf in hopes to find a solution to the problem.

  • Exclusive Bonuses

At Foxbonus, you will in some cases be eligible for exclusive offers.

  • We can offer you a Cashback

Did you have some bad luck playing and ended up with a 0 balance from your deposit?

In this case, you are free to reach out to us and we will in most cases be able to give you up to 20% back on your initial deposit!

  • Personal Contact

Are you curious about any aspects of the casino industry, or just want to have a helping hand while engaging in the online betting market? We are all here to help you, and with a total experience of over 40 years in the industry, none of your questions will be left unanswered.

Foxbonus incentive for Safe Gambling

Struggling with gambling addiction is a lot more common than people are aware of, and can have an immense impact on a person’s life, but also for people in his/her life. A gambling addiction can easily cause economic, social, and psychological issues and should never be taken lightly.

Read more about safe gambling precautions at our dedicated page.

Gamble only with what you can afford to lose

Gamble only what you can afford to lose!

There are a lot of ways and tools in order to control the amount you set to gamble for, that can also prevent you from digging into other funds in moments you might be acting on emotions.

Also, if you are in a family situation where the money you are gambling could have an impact on others around you, do keep these people informed about your habits and have a transparent relationship with them on your activities online.

Gambling at online casinos vetted by Foxbonus

When gambling anywhere, it will always come with a risk. So even if you find a casino listed at Foxbonus and you decide to try it, don’t stare blindly at the fact that our casinos have been thoroughly vetted – money can still be lost!

A last piece of advice is; do NOT try to achieve a level of gambling in which you imagine it being a full-time income. Online gambling should be considered a fun hobby that should be enjoyed in moderation and never a means to recoup, repay or risk other types of capital.

💳 New Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Talking deposits and withdrawals, it’s something that can make or break an online casinos reputation. Of course, an online casino is more keen to help you deposit your money than to pay your winnings, but the word of a casino stalling payouts could spread like wildfire. Always check the terms and conditions page and be sure to know the different ways you can make a withdrawal and how the turnaround time is advertised.

There is a lot of different ways to do deposits and withdrawals, and here is some of them broken down for you.

The Easy Credit Card Option

Just using your credit card for your regular bank is the most used method. It’s easy to enter your card information together with expiry dates and the CVV code. It’s also a super safe method to use as many brick-and-mortar banks are using two-factor authentication nowadays. Using a credit card as a deposit method also results in the money getting instantly added to your casino account.


With bank-wire, your bank takes care of the transaction. This means that you never have to enter any information on the casino’s website. Instead, you get a code that they want you to mark the transaction with so that the casino can see the payment that was made by you. Just get the bank information for the casino, log into your online bank, and make the transaction.

This method could, however, take a bit longer. And if you want any withdrawals made with the casino, you still have to give them your bank information.

New Casinos using PayPal

PayPal is probably the world’s most popular and widely used e-wallet. PayPal is one of the most trusted and safest ways to transfer funds electronically thanks to the great buyer protection they offer. Just like other e-wallets, PayPal usually charges a company a small fee from every transaction for letting them use the service, this is not something the online casino adds to your transaction and results in a free deposit method for you to safely use and enjoy!

New Casinos using Skrill

Looking for a safe, secure, and quick way to use casino deposits – Skrill could be the method for you. This e-wallet is famously known for its hassle-free way to track your finances and can be used together with other banks for easy ways to deposit and withdraw funds. Skrill is a favorite e-wallet among many gamblers – especially in unregulated countries where the payment methods aren’t as evolved.

While Skrill is a great option for you to use and is an available deposit method at many new casinos, it’s often eligible for use when claiming a welcome bonus. Also, note that there is a fee of 1% to add funds to your Skrill account as well as withdrawing funds from it.

New Casinos Using Neteller

Neteller is owned by the same company that owns Skrill – making it a great alternative next to Skrill. Both of these alternatives gives you lightning-fast transactions and is a completely free method to use for depositing money at a new casino. The operator itself has fees in order to provide their players with this transaction method, but this is nothing that impacts you as a player.

You can usually deposit as low as $10 and as high as $80 000 if you would like to do that. The only thing here, is just like Skrill, that there is a fee of 1% to add funds to your Neteller account as well as withdrawing funds from it.

New Casinos using EcoPayz

EcoPayz is not as widely used as other transaction methods. It works pretty much the same way as Skrill and Neteller, but is not used by as many casino operators. The registration progress is fast and easy and their customer support is great!

For just a couple of dollars, you can order yourself an EcoCard that lets you use your casino winnings just as a normal credit card in stores and in ATMs.

🇨🇦 Licensed Canadian Casinos 2021

When visiting, you don’t only have to be certain that the casino’s hold the correct license, but also that they are within the criteria of our own quality measurements. A license means that the online casino and their operator has already been vetted and approved by the licensing party – meaning they are good to go and needs to follow certain rules in order to keep their license. [We used this source for gambling regulations in Canada:].

How to See if a New Online Casino is Unreliable

✔️ First, see if you can find whether or not you recognize the company behind the casino and if it’s a name you recognize and trust already. If so – then you’re good to go with their newly launched online casino.

✔️ Find out what platform they use to host the online casino. A lot of casinos are hosted on “done-for-you” platforms that already have a very safe and reliable system in order to protect players and their personal integrity such as personal and financial information. Some great and reliable platforms are

safe casinos canada foxbonus

WhiteHat Gaming
Aspire Global
Pragmatic Play

✔️ See if you can find the operator’s address, contact information, or company information. A casino you can trust is a casino that has nothing to hide.

✔️ See if you can find any complaints or bad reviews about the casino. Even if it’s a newly launched casino, there might be some warnings that should make you think twice about playing at that online casino.

✔️ See if they have a friendly and supportive customer chat. If the chat is friendly and answers all your questions in a professional way – it’s a great indicator that the casino will treat you well.

🎩 New Casinos focuses on the Customer

A truly important factor in order to be a successful online casino is to have players. Sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? But in order to have players, you have to be able to keep players. This is called player retention. And to keep players from not returning or making another deposit, customer service and overall communication is key. Communication can be defined in a lot of ways. The biggest impact, however, is to know exactly what the customer wants. Releasing the right games with the right software providers and enticing current customers with loyalty offers are some of the many ways to boost player retention.

We did an online survey to see what the key factors are for players looking for a new casino. The survey was done by over 100 Canadian residents between 18-55 years of age, all previous online gamblers and all have a healthy relationship to gambling.

Each participant was asked to choose two (2) options.

Game Providers 62
Focus on mobile compatibility 42
Focus on safe and responsible gambling 32
Amount of Games 18
Size of the welcome bonus 44

Game Providers

New games are constantly under development in order to enable the operators to offer a unique user experience. To give an experience out of the ordinary, you have a lot to gain as an online casino competing against players. Doesn’t matter if you are an avid online gambler or not, it’s hard to miss that the attention lies heavily on online slot machines. And of course, this is the most important demand by the game providers to fill.

There are a lot of game providers trying to make enticing games that both benefits the casino as well as entertainment for the players. Here are some of them.

Net Entertainment

NetEnt is one of the biggest and most established companies for game development. Some of the online slot machines that put NetEnt on the throne of software providers are Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest.

Yggdrasil Gaming

This is another game provider that focuses on quality visuals and aesthetics. Yggdrasil has made some really cool branded slots like ”Beauty and the Beast” and ”Holmes and the Stolen Stones”, but also high RTP slots like Fruitoids and Tut’s Twister.


Microgaming is known for launching game after game and offers over 600 games, ranging from slots to video poker and roulette. Microgaming claims to have developed the world’s first true online casino software back in 1994 and is today working with the majority of online casino operators.

Since the world of online casinos is continuously spinning, working with only the big names could also be a drawback. What could entice new players is new and unexplored game providers as well as smaller and more niched games that could only be found in a few places.

foxbonus new casinos focus

Focus on Safe and Responsible Gambling

We like things we recognize and trust. And we, of course, dislike anything that is unknown or dubious.

With the rise of shady and unreliable online casinos on the market, the demand for trust signals becomes higher.

This is a reason many newcomers have a hard time fighting against well-known operators that releases new brands because the trust is already there.

Things to look out is the use of any integrity policies, how they store your personal and financial information, in what country they operate, and if they offer anything such as cooling-off-periods or self-exclusion options. It’s never enough that they just use a “gamble aware” logo – it’s important to see if they can live up to the responsibility of taking care of their players.

A great indicator that you found a casino that you shouldn’t trust is if they lack an SSL-encryption. This means that if there is none, the site could be in danger of malicious attacks that could get a hold of your personal information. (You see this by checking if the site operates on https:// or http://. If it’s the ladder it lacks encryption and is not a safe website to store your information on.)

Amount of Games

The number of games is often something the operator advertises as a lead magnet. The truth is that the number of games seldom makes a difference as 20% of the games gets almost 80% of the attention.

To focus on a variety of games such as both slot machines, live dealer tables, and video poker and offer the highest possible quality should be preferred over a high quantity of games.

The Size of the Welcome Bonus

There is no surprise that the biggest eye-catcher is the welcome bonus and big numbers of free spins. And a lot of the new casinos do offer really big ones. However, be cautious before you jump straight to the deposit process!

While a casino promises you to double or even triple your deposit amount, you have to wager that amount a set amount of times before this bonus money is transferred to your real-money account.

It’s advised not to go for the no-deposit “free” bonuses as they seldom lead to any great winnings, even if you can get them without doing a deposit. The same goes for bonuses that you don’t have to wager since they are usually capped at a low conversion amount.

Sometimes, it’s actually better to just skip the bonus and go straight for the real-money deposit as this ensures you to be able to claim any winnings you might do!

📱 New Casinos Focus on Mobile Compatibility

The number of people that sign up on online casinos through their phone says have passed the number of people signing up at their computer.

To help with this rise in modern technology, the HTML5-code is applied in order to make a website responsive to use on the phone. This means that you don’t need to zoom and move around with your finger as much, as the text and content will be optimized visibly for your smartphone device.

Some operators have even created applications in order to offer as much convenience as possible to smartphone users.

We did an online survey to see what device they prefer to use to search and join new casinos. The survey was done by over 100 Canadian residents between 18-55 years of age, all previous online gamblers and all have a healthy relationship to gambling.

Each participant was asked to choose two (2) options.

Smartphone 92
Desktop 74
Surfpad 12
All / I don’t know 22

New Casinos 2021 – Conclusion

I hope you found our list of casino sites and information helpful and that you found your new favorite Canadian online casino! Please play with moderation and don’t forget that gambling should never be seen as a source of income, but a fun enjoyment just like anything else.

Visit and bookmark now and then in order to keep up to date with all the new online casino sites we will be adding every month!


online casino canada

🎗️ Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need in order to play at an online casino?

You need to live in a country where online casino is accessible, have an ID, a reliable internet connection and a device such as a computer or a smartphone. You also have to be of legal age and have a payment method available.

How do I register to an online casino?

You would need to provide a lot of information in order to register a casino. For example, they will be asking for your full name, date of birth, residency, phone number, email and proof of identity. Then you just have to provide them with a username you want to use and generate a password. Your email address must be valid because they will send you an email with a verification code.

How do i deposit any money?

It’s often very clearly shown where you should navigate in order to deposit money. Then you have to choose your method of payment and have access to approve this transaction. Keep in mind that the lowest deposit amount is usually around $10.

How long does it take to withdraw your winnings?

Depending on what kind of method you are using to withdraw your money, count with 48 hours in order not to be disappointed. Some niche-specific casinos can grant you an even quicker process with the help of refined withdrawal methods.

Can I play for free in Online Casinos?

Yes, a lot of casinos offer you to try out and test slot machines before doing any real-money gambling. Some casinos also give you a free bonus just by signing up. This bonus is however not worth a lot and won’t amount in any big winnings.

How old do I have to be in order to register to an online casino?

You have to be 18 years or older in order to register at an online casino. To prevent underage gambling, a player is requested to provide proof of identity during a registration or deposit process.

What is a welcome bonus, and how can I get one?

A welcome bonus is something you are offered whenever you sign up or make a deposit to a casino. The most common bonus is when the casino matches your deposit with an equal amount and gives you free spins you can use to try out some selected slot machines. The bonus, however, has a wagering requirement that has to be cleared before the money is yours to withdraw.

How do I know that a casino is safe?

Things to look for are the use of any integrity policies, how they store your personal and financial information, in what country they operate and if they offer anything such as cooling-off-periods or self-exclusion options. It’s never enough that they just use a “gamble aware” logo – it’s important to see if they can live up to the responsibility of taking care of their players.

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