Betting Bonuses in Canada

Everyone wants to win big on sports betting, and we all enjoy placing wagers on teams, players, and sports athletes. But the reality is that we don’t win every bet. It’s tricky to predict the right bets all the time, and you’ll always need a bit of luck along the way.

So, it’s fair to say that keeping your bankroll intact is an important factor, and that is where sports betting bonuses come into play.

Stick around, and we’ll talk you through all there is to know about bonuses. In the end, you’ll know which of the betting bonuses are most popular, the key terms and conditions that every betting fan should know, and lastly, and most importantly, where you can find these casino bonuses in Canada. So, let’s get to it and kick off with the most popular betting bonuses.

The Types of Betting Bonuses You Can Find at Foxbonus Canada

Once you start betting with a few different sportsbooks, you will start to notice one or two bonuses appearing time and time again. They may bet set up slightly differently, and sometimes they may be called another name, but the core of the bonus is always the same – you give something to the sportsbook, and you’ll receive a bonus in return. That something you give is often a deposit, but this is not always the case, as you will see below.

Welcome Bonus

Sportsbooks use the welcome bonus to tempt you into becoming a full member. This is often the biggest and most rewarding bonus offer you will claim. After all, each sportsbook wants you to sign up with them, so the bigger the bonus, the more likely you will join them.

However, “bigger is better” is not always true in the online betting world, and we will explain this in the bonus terms and conditions section below. In general, a typical welcome bonus consists of a deposit-based offer that provides you with free bets to use on a selection of sports and/or betting markets.

Deposit Match Bonus

The deposit match bonus is perhaps the most common betting bonus in the online gambling world. It’s a simple deal that you are just as likely to find in a welcome bonus as you would in a weekly or monthly reload bonus for full-time members.

Basically, you make a deposit, and the sportsbook will match that deposit amount with a bonus amount. 100% is a popular offer that means you get the same amount in bonus as your deposit. But you can also find 200%, 300%, 500% offers, and you may even find deposit match bonuses that are even bigger.

No Deposit Bonuses

The no deposit bonus is often regarded as the number one promotion because it offers no risk on your part whatsoever. The “no deposit” part means exactly that. You receive a bonus without having to make a deposit.

If it’s a welcome bonus, you may have to hand over basic details such as your email address or phone number, but never any banking details. Essentially, it means you can test the betting site out without having to spend any of your own money. No deposit bonuses also get handed out to loyal members throughout their time at a sportsbook, so always keep your eye out for them.

Free Bets

Next up is the free spins and this type of bonus can be found everywhere, from the welcome packages to ongoing promotions that keep punters engaged and betting on the latest sports action. Some of the top bookies even offer free bet clubs that hand out free bets on a weekly basis, as long as you meet one or two bet club rules. Free bets are perfect for backing outsiders or even when you want to test out new betting markets. In short, you have nothing to lose!

Best of the Rest

  • Loyalty or VIP Bonus
  • Refer-a-Friend Bonus
  • Reduced Juice Bonus
  • Matchday Special Bonus
  • Crossover Casino Bonus

Important Bonus Terms & Conditions To Remember

Bonuses are a great way to enjoy more of your betting, and you can find them all the way through your betting journey. You’ll pick up bonuses when you sign up, you’ll get treated to lots throughout your time there, and you may even get enticed back with some rewarding bonuses if you don’t use the site for a long time.

But the key rule when using any bonus is that there will always be terms and conditions in place. Some rules are player-friendly, and some are laughable. If we go back to what we said earlier about bigger bonuses not always being better, then the bonus terms and conditions are the reason why.

There are many small factors to consider: bonus expiry, minimum deposits, maximum bet limits,  and maximum payout limits. You need to check these to ensure that you can afford the bonus and whether the offer is worth claiming. If it costs you $50 to claim the bonus, but you can only withdraw $75 of the winnings. Is that worth it to you? Maybe, maybe not. Only you can decide that. But there is one all-important rule always to check, and that is the wagering requirement.

The Importance of Bonus Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements can make or break a betting bonus. It may sound technical, but it really isn’t. Let’s take a quick example and say that you claim a $100 bonus with 10x wagering requirements. You need to meet those requirements to “clear” any winnings you make when using the bonus money. By “clear,” we mean clearing the bonus into real cash, which you can then withdraw.

A $100 bonus with 10x bonus wagering requirements means you will need to wager at least $1,000 in bets to “clear” the winnings you make. Now, this may not sound too bad. But there are bonuses out there that come with 40x or 50x or more wagering requirements. Stay clear of these. You will rarely ever be able to wager that huge amount of money in time before the bonus expires.

So, pay attention to the wagering requirements (and those other rules) before you claim any bonus. If it all stacks up and the terms and conditions are friendly enough for you, go ahead and claim it.

Where To Find The Best Betting Bonuses in Canada

So, now you know all about the basics of betting bonuses. In fact, you have enough knowledge to go out there and claim the best offers. But there is one more thing to discuss. Where do you find these bonuses? Well, you have a couple of options. The first is to search the internet and click from sportsbook to sportsbook to find the next best bonus. A second option could be to source through our own list of new casinos in Canada and the third option is a lot easier and much less stressful, though.

Sites like take the time to review everything from betting bonuses to bonus rules and the sportsbooks behind these offers. If everything seems legit and the sportsbook genuinely looks after its community of betting fans, they will recommend the site to the reader. Also, you can often benefit from exclusive bonuses that are much more rewarding than the standard offers on display.